Third International Congress of Physiotherapy IPETH 2015

More than 2,000 people, passionate for physiotherapy, will meet at Puebla Conference Center for the Third International Physiotherapy Conference, making it a unique learning opportunity. We will have the most important American exponents as well as icons of physical rehabilitation from Europe and Mexico.

During three exciting days we will approach the attendees to an exceptional program focused on presentations and workshops covering four academic axis: Comprehensive pain management, evidence-based practice, physiotherapy 3.0 and entrepreneurship. There will also be plenty of opportunities for networking and an expo-physiotherapy filled with the best services and products in Mexico.

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Transcend in the academic field of research and innovation through knowledge and dissemination of the most relevant global trends in physiotherapy, to the physiotherapist of the 21st century. On this occasion, the Third IPETH 2015 International Physiotherapy Conference will include central themes related to comprehensive pain management and evidence-based practice.

Scientific Committee

Our committee is responsible for developing the necessary for the development, organization and scientific advice of IPETH's Third International Physiotherapy Conference.

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Ricard Huelamo

Pediatric Pain



Neurodynamic techniques.


Ricard Huelamo

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SPEAKERS / Internacional


Andrzej Pilat

Creator of the myofascial induction method.

  • Specialist in orthopaedic Manual therapy.
  • Physiotherapist graduated from the Professional Medical School of Warsaw, Poland.
  • Manual therapy specialist.
  • Director of the School of Myofascial Therapy, El Escorial (Madrid), Spain.
  • Founder Member of Fascia Research Society.
  • Author of the book myofascial induction, McGraw - Hill, Madrid, 2003
  • Author of numerous articles in the field of manual therapy published in the Spanish, Venezuelan and Latin American journals.
  • Speaker at numerous conferences and national and international meetings.

Juan Carlos Colado

  • Undergraduate and Doctor with Extraordinary Award in Physical Education from the University of Valencia.
  • Director of the research unit on sports and health of the University of Valencia.
  • The community-based rehabilitation.
  • Scientific and academic advisor for sport equipment multinationals.
  • National Award to the Spanish Sports Merit: InterGyms Oró-04 "to study and research on the contents of aerobics and fitness".
  • Master Instructor of FISAF.
  • National bodybuilding and fitness coach.
  • National coach of water and Fitness of Feda and Master Trainer of Theraband.

Lorimer Moseley

  • Dr. Lorimer Moseley, graduated in physiotherapy/biomechanics.
  • Expert in neuroscience, took part in several studies in the University of Oxford.
  • Only physical therapist named Fellow Nuffield of Medical Research of the University of Oxford (2005-2008).
  • He has so far accumulated 20 years of clinical experience with patients with chronic pain, has a research group dedicated to examining the role of the brain and the mind in the development, maintenance and treatment of chronic pain.
  • During his career he has published 140 scientific works.
  • He has made more than 50 presentations at major international meetings.
  • He is a consultant for government agencies in Europe and North America.
  • Author of three books, including "Explain Pain".

Michael Shacklock

  • Michael Shacklock physiotherapist, founder of the education system in clinical neurodynamics Neurodynamic Solutions (NDS, Neurodynamic Solutions).
  • Michael Shacklock is the director and founder of the system solutions Neurodinamicas (NDS).
  • Director of the clinic City Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic in Adelaide (South Australia).
  • Member of the Australian Physiotherapists' Association, of the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia, and of the International Association for the Study of Pain.
  • He also supervises the research and publications of magazines such as Manual therapy and Pain, and the Physiotherapy Research Foundation.

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